How To Speak

Librarian Shushing

I bet you are like us-trying to raise kind, thoughtful, and strong kids.

Challenging ? Yes. Impossible? Not with JESUS. Worth it-totally! 


1. Anything SARCASTIC. Sarcasm is the world’s attempt at humor by tearing another down and then applying the bandage of “Just Kidding!” I learned a quote from my hubby, “Sarcasm always contains a kernal of truth.” In every relationship, sarcasm leads one person to think, “Do they really think that?”

2. Anything DEMORALIZING about an individual’s appearance or behavior. Challenge kids to ¬†turn away from this age-old (and socially acceptable) form of bullying.

3. Anything impugning AUTHORITY. The greatest example I can give my children is to respect God, my husband, the governing authorities in my life, and other people. We want our kids to get good jobs and have good marriages. The book of James is very clear. We can be, too.


1. Anything that is BUILDING. A great action verb! Let’s ask ourselves,”Am I an encourager?”. It seems like a discipline but over time,”verbal building” becomes a language. Ask your kids to write down 3 positive things about people in their lives. REHEARSING TRUTH CHANGES LIVES!

2. Anything that UNITES. Many of our kids are good at this. This is nearly natural. SHARED EXPERIENCES + SHARED GROWTH=DEEP FRIENDSHIPS. How can we foster this?Moms can constantly remind kids about these kinds od memories. This is the kind of postive habit that can heal.

3.Anything that LOVES. Maybe the greatest satisfaction in our children’s lives will be that they left a LEGACY. We want them to have a legacy that honors God, their marriages, their children, and their friends. A legacy of kindness is a legacy of reward.

God promises to give us His power to obey His commands. We can shape the next generation. No regrets, only rewards!


7 thoughts on “How To Speak”

  1. Tristie,
    This word comes at just the right time, when today I have been tempted to let my tongue reign and wreck. Thank you for this gentle and truth filled reminder that what we say matters and can impact the legacy we leave.

  2. Lovely, gentle reminder of how we should encourage our children as well as ourselves. Thank you.

  3. Absolutely excellent article!! Perfect reminders of the power of the tongue and how it can give life or inflict death. Thank you for this!!

  4. Yes, yes and YES!!! I like how you narrowed it down to 3 of each! ;)….and that they really encompass the vast spectrum of our vernacular!

  5. Just re-read my comment…and had to laugh….totally wasn’t trying to sound “smart”…but MAN! – I sounded like a total NERD! WHOOP! hahaha

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