Mombie Encouragement!

It doesn’t matter how old you are sweet mama, you have seasons of limited rest. When kids are young, it’s barely any. When they are teens, you are awake waiting until they’re home! Both stages are hard but fun (like most important things in life.) A random verse I love is in Isaiah 40: 11 “…He will gently lead the nursing ewes..” God does not despise your fatigue. He isn’t mad you are struggling with simple survival. He is compassionate, kind & helpful. I’m praying for you mom pals today that He will give you a few minutes of stillness to lean into His love for you. It’s not performance that He wants from you-let Him just love you . #momlife #newborn#mommylife #mother #fatigue #mombies#isaiah40v11 #teenmom #mothersofteens

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