Want Some Summer Marriage Improvement?

Happy summer!! This is a re-post because it’s a place we all need encouragement & focus!! This is a guarantee jump-start to loving your spouse well!! READY?

Many of us read a marriage book & then come away feeling overwhelmed. Want a few bite-sized ideas that keep your marriage growing? 1. Starting this week, write down 3 things you appreciate about your husband & share these with him. Do this every week for a month -you are creating a habit of encouragement that will completely change the atmosphere of your marriage! Bless him by building him up.
2. Does your man have a hobby or sport that he likes and well, you not so much? 😜Learn about it-you’ll bless him & you might end up loving it! You are showing value for something he enjoys!
3.Say “Thank you for____”. Maybe your husband filled your gas tank, took a child to school for you, cleaned the kitchen or said “You look nice.” Call attention to the kindness & cultivate gratitude. (This is the game-changer! You’ll be astonished!) No one accidentally becomes grateful or loving. God wants to give us joy, peace, & sweet oneness as we seek to love our husbands well. Here, we can live out our faith. #intentionalwife #marriage#husband #love #romance #relationshipgoals #words #relationships#engaged #anniversary

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