Persecuted Church

Tomorrow, we get to go to church publicly. We are allowed to choose where we worship. We will open Bibles without fear of imprisonment. We will sing-loudly-without fear. We will wear our cross necklaces, rings, & t-shirts that identify us as Christians. STOP & THINK OF OUR FREEDOM. Now, may we get on our knees & pray for those who publicly & privately that suffer for the Gospel in ways we can’t imagine. Pray for them to have enough to eat, for jobs to care for their families, for homes to live in, for their health, their strength, their marriages, their children and for their freedom to worship God. There is more worldwide Christian persecution now than ever before in history. May we pray faithfully for our brothers & sisters, give to ministries that help them, and stand with them as they endure for the Name Above Every Name. #persecutedchurch #persecutedChristians #church #faith#pray#voiceofthemartyrs #heroes #realcelebrities #heroines

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