About 2 years ago, one of my friends, Lainie, and I put together a must list for our children in teaching them about God. Don’t be overwhelmed… sooo much of this comes from conversations with kids, I am convinced!

Teaching your Kids:

Basic Doctrine…  Existence of God, Trinity, Deity of Jesus, Security of Salvation and the Inerrancy of the Word

  • The Gospel-What is it?
  1. That God has a plan for each of our lives.
  2. We were born sinners and also make “mistakes” or sinful choices.
  3. Jesus Christ, the perfect One, died in our place for those sins.
  4. That Jesus wants to come live inside our hearts -giving us HEAVEN and an ABUNDANT LIFE HERE.
  • How to walk With The Lord... Here’s an example of our Top Three: ASKING JESUS TO HELP US, READING THE BIBLE TOGETHER, AND LEARNING TO PRAY!
  • Forgiveness in relationships !(Parent to child, sibling to sibling,  and friend to friend)

That’s just some of the rich spiritual life (I’m sure !) you’re demonstrating to your sweet children. It seems EVERY DAY there is at least one opportunity for me to live by faith   (Mommy encourages me!) and for them make a choice regarding Christ-like choices. (Think sibling interactions! )

May these ideas bless you! HE WILL HELP YOU!

What would you add to the list?