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One of my favorite books, The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan, has sharpened my view on refreshment . For many of us , there is no full “Sabbath Day”. But, we can all take advantage of Sabbath Moments. In the midst of chaos, let’s ask Him to help us see. He surprises us by giving us peace in tiny, sweet moments -playing with a child , the sound of birds, stopping to enjoy the glory of sunshine, and just plain sitting still. It’s always wonderful to go somewhere lovely like the Colorado mountains, the Mexican beaches, or Israel’s historical sites. ┬áBut, how do we bring that sense of refreshment back home? It could be as simple as stopping & observing. Where do we see the hand of God in creation ? Psalm 19 is perfect for this . Where do we see the presence of God on our lives? Psalm 139 helps remind us . I’m grateful He helps me think on my new favorite word -BEHOLD. Beholding is always more than glancing. It’s intentional , focused and always gives us a gift . Ask Him and He will give you eyes to see these Sabbath Moments. (Pic below courtesy Jeanne Coyle GBC Israel Trip 2012!)