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Time to Lean Out


You may know this, but if Jesus Christ lives in you-you are a missionary. GULP.  Surprising?  If we truly consider the fact that Jesus designed us to move outward toward the hurting world, we are grasping His heart for His created world. I appreciate how Jesus calls us in Matthew 28:18-20 to share His gospel-He assumes we understand the absolute magnitude of this calling.  Something happens when we ask ourselves an honest question, “Do I really believe this is the best thing in the history of the world?”

Is evangelism a spiritual gift? Yes! Is it a calling for each of us? Yes! For me, evangelism is an primary calling… yet, He still calls me to allow Him to grow the spiritual gift of mercy through me.  When Jesus calls me to be a person of mercy in Matthew 5, He doesn’t add, “But, Tristie ,only if it’s your gift.” Don’t you love that about Him?! He loves to call us into new territory with new power to see a new side of God!

Friend, you radiate the kindness and joy of Jesus to the world.  So, be ready because -I promise-THEY WILL ASK YOU ABOUT IT! “Hey, why are you so nice?” “Why do make those kinds of decisions?” “Why do you say “thank you” to people?” and a favorite…”Why are you so happy?” 

What do you say now? 

I explain that I was a very different person who looked at the person of Christ and asked myself “Who is this?” Through the book of John , I discovered that knowing Jesus as not a religious act as much as a realization moment. I needed His forgiveness to experience His life! Then-praying the WHOLE time-I try to share 4 truths:

1. God loves each person.(Jn. 3:16)

2. All have sinned and need a Savior. (Rom. 3:23)

3. Jesus Christ is that Savior.(Jn. 3:16, Jn. 10:30)

4. All you have to do is BELIEVE! (Jn. 1:12)

This is it. THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS EVER! Forever freedom from sin’s prison and the absolute joy of possessing an everlasting kingdom destiny. You are made for this. Let Him use you in this way! Look up and lean out.