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Are you ready for a miracle?

What does “miracle” mean? What can the book of John teach us here? Everything ! For me, this book is my foundation. The 7 Miracles of Christ and the 7 Names of Christ given are what makes Christianity completely different than any other faith.  Miracles are “intended to “ENGENDER BELIEF” (Thomas Nelson Study Bible commentary) Doesn’t it fit with the FACT that the word “BELIEVE” (in the Greek “pisteuo”) occurs 90 times in this Gospel?!

I. DEFINE MIRACLE -” A miracle can be defined as an act Jesus Christ performed while on earth to confirm his Deity.  In addition, the apostles performed “signs” to attest to their divine  authority from God. This was the initial building of the early church. Yet, we all use the phrase “It’s a miracle!” when we get a parking place , a  free coffee, or pass Algebra.   Are there 2 types of miracle?  If we define a miracle as “only the things Jesus performed on earth to validate His identity” This is different than the miracles we ask for.   If we are thinking of the context of Christ’s visit , then a miracle is the supernatural power of God entering the natural world of mankind. Jesus is alive & His miracles exhibited His  Messianic title. It would seem that this kind of miracle is finished because Jesus said “It is finished!” 

 What now?  Can’t we get some miracles too, today?  Yes! God is unhindered by anything! He loves it when His kids ask Him for something because He is a good father.  Our role is ask & pray, ask & pray, ask & pray. He may “Yes!”or He may say “no”. Yet, we keep knocking! Sometimes the “miracle” we think we want could actually hurt us and He is acting as Protector. He has a huge plan perfectly synched and can see all things throughout all time. Yet, maybe He wants to give us a miracle to demonstrate His power and increase our faith. Maybe He wants to say “yes!” 

II. JESUS’S Miracles in John

  • FEEDING THE 5,000

III.   What can we learn?

  • Miracle #1 Ch.2:1-11 Turning Water to Wine-Jesus’ power over natural objects-He is Creator.
  • MIRACLE #2. Ch. 4:46-54 Healing the Official’s Son-Jesus’ power over death (and the fact the boy from a distance!) show He is not contained by space.
  • Miracle #3Ch.5:8 Healing the Lame Man (on the Sabbath!). Our lessons here are “Jesus is LORD over the Sabbath”, that He can heal, and that we are to rejoice in His healing!
  • Miracle #4Ch.6:1-15 Feeding the 5,000! The truth to learn here is only GOD can create. I always love to imagine the little boy who shared his lunch…he must have been proud that Master Jesus used his little gift to feed thousands!
  • Miracle#5 Ch. 6:16-21 Jesus walking on the water must have shocked the disciples. Lesson here? He has complete control over nature….and consequently, my life!
  • Miracle#6 Ch.9:38 A man, blind, ALL his life and Jesus gives him the glorious gift of sight. Perhaps the first face he saw was Christ’s! I love the man’s defense of Jesus and the way He worshipped Him.
  • Miracle #7Ch. 11:1-25 Raising of Lazarus. Unquestionably, my favorite miracle of all time! The final miracle proves HIS power to raise the dead and that He will raise us someday too because we “have believed in Him WHOM He has sent”!

Learn the ways of Christ & study how He performs the impossible in human life. Ask for your miracles-but always after thanking Him for His!

Tristie Fisher, Living Water/Book of John