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Exfoliate Your Life-NEW & IMPROVED!

MAYBE IT’S TURNING 40, I really don’t know.  In my twenties, I noticed clothing & hair styles.  Now, in my early forties, I notice skin.  How clear is her complexion?  How many wrinkles does she have?  Does she look older than me? Or, worse does she look younger than me?


Years ago, I gave it up in one word… GENETICS.  It’s not Beauty Products!  It’s just plain old genetics… you play the cards you are dealt… what your mama looks like, you will look like.


Now, I still take care of my skin… I appropriately cleanse and moisturize.  But, the one thing I did this year was that word none of us knew before 1998… I EXFOLIATE. 


To EXFOLIATE is “to wash your face in such a manner as to remove old dead skin cells”…so that fresh & renewed skin can show through and say, “World, look , I’m 29! I am young..ignore those neck wrinkles!”

What do I mean by all this?  I’ll tell you that I do notice-my skin seems clearer & cleaner and generally feels better. I wonder… 



  • Wash your face..…Cleanse yourself of any (and all) hidden sin and plain old “you know what you are doing is wrong” stuff. Forgive where you need to forgive, confess when you need to confess.This applies to people and God. ONLY heavenly soap can do the trick. (I John 1:9)

  • Exfoliate.…this is the next step of the process. Some exfoliating products can actually hurt your face the first time you use them. Why? Because there are little granules in the product DESIGNED to do just that…hurt you to heal you. Those rough granules smooth the dead skin away. 

    How can that apply to our lives?  What things is God using in my life to “exfoliate” my life? These things hurt-they sting. Yet,my faith is a whole lot smoother when He’s done. (Isa. 43:19)

  • Moisturize.… My skin needs moisture. My favorite products are those that “keep on moisturizing even while you sleep”.  Isn’t that amazing? My soul needs moisture. No dry, crispy faith for me! But, it needs water…living water. (The Book of John!Water that keeps on flowing and bubbling up over in my soul. I not only need (but must have to survive) that constant reapplication of His Word. For me, every morning and every evening. This product actually delivers!

TONIGHT,as your prepare for bed and “do your routine”, I pray it brings blessing. As the soap cleanses, as deadness is washed away, and refreshment comes ONLY from Him, I pray God makes this ritual worshipful. 

How to Do Your Own Facial Mask

People ask me all the time…

“Hey, what do you do to your skin? You look only 40!”

(I always feel good about that because I am only 41!)

Through the years of gleaning “beauty wisdom” from magazines to professionals themselves, here’s a quick run-down on how to make your own  Facial Mask . These masks can exfoliate, moisturize, rejuvenate your marriage, solve your job- crisis problem,  and well…clean your face.  See what you think!

My Cheap Favorite…. The White Sugar Masksugar
I read in a magazine about a stressed-out photographer and “model prep” gal who had no materials in which to exfoliate “their girls’ faces” .
The “prep gal” reached over and grabbed white sugar packets off the breakfast trays. It did the trick…not only do “they work the best because of their cone-shaped molecular structure”. When she said that, I was sold…especially by her scientific words. I know good beauty/science intelligence when I hear it! 🙂

oatmealThe Oatmeal Mask
I do this one, also. This is designed for that “tired” skin that just needs to be reminded “Hey, you are important too!” .On a clean face, combine oatmeal and water into paste and slap it on your visage. Let it dry and voila! You have French skin devoid of all flaws!  Moisturize quickly or you will smell like breakfast, according to my daughter.

The Chocolate Maskchocolate
Seriously?! YES! This is my favorite (and other gals I know!) . Now, the trick here is you have to BUY it…but $1.50….dreamy!.  You slice open the packet and smell 3 Musketeers!  On a clean face, smear that goodness all over your face…but don’t eat it….it’s made for your pores, not your taste buds. I don’t think I can try to make it because to be honest, I just don’t like that cocoa   “semi-sweet “ bitterness smell. Go ahead-buy the real one. I promise your children will kiss you good-night happily!


The Yogurt Mask
This is real deal….everyone in the Beauty Industry seems to talk about it and recommend it . BUT, I will tell while I am a big fan of eating plain yogurt for good intestinal activity… it hurt!  I delicately applied the yogurt and it stung and turned my face beet red. Maybe it was just me , but I did not look younger or like a supermodel at the end of that experience… but, who knows? Maybe it’s just good for your gut.

Last , The Classic “Clay” Maskargile et argilotherapie
This is the one we all grew up with…fun gal pal parties with green clay faces, hair piled high in towels, and paintin’ our toes..teehee!
I loved these! My sister and I loved to do these kind of masks, but I think that they were the only ones available. Now, you can get Pumpkin seed, Aloe Vera, and Papaya.  Pretty soon, maybe they will make some for women with  attitude problems, disobedient children, and  P.M.S. ! Brilliant!

Have a great week….enjoy the FACT that Jesus loves you just the way are….in your own skin!

Tristie Fisher, Grace Bible Church, 2010