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  • rest area REAL We all say “Our family is so tired! Too busy! ” Bottom line: We will STILL be fussin’ about this in October.  I have to get tired enough of the chaos. If I am constantly texting, using Facebook,  checking Twitter, posting on Instagram, pinning on Pinterest, running to every kid activity available, something’s gonna give. It might be our health. It might be our relationships. This constant stimulation is just plain contrary to rest. For me, I  cannot HEAR GOD if my rest is not REAL. I need a TRUE TURNING from the world to stop. I’ve got to stop repeating “I need to rest”, by actually DOING IT.
  • ENERGETIC   Surprise-the word “decompress” is a verb! I have to use energy to do it.  The discipline of rest will show its fruit quickly. I always thought of “rest” as passive but when it’s done as a “spiritual discipline”, is extremely active and purposeful. Real rest gives renewed energy. It’s ACTIVE because confession to God energizes, reconciliation with God inspires, and wisdom from God awakens your soul!
  • STILL This happens in quietness & solitude. You are fasting from noise. Silence can be unsettling. (*Ask Yourself  truthfully, “Am I afraid to be quiet? Alone? Not doing something others see as “important”? ) Here’s the glory of this-once you move through that realization and sit with God, peace will slowly steal over you. SO MANY of us are afraid of the silence because we know  we must face God or turn away from Him.  Ask GOD for spiritual cleansing & for the ability to be still. One of my favorite books is Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence...a monk who cleaned pots and pans, yet worshiped GOD fully in every moment. I want to live like that.
  • TIME For many, this is the hardest discipline of all. This time will never be returned to you & it cannot be shown to others to validate. But GOD will SEE and He is the REWARDER of secret disciplines. By faith, I trust the LORD to “do” the important tasks that I think are needful and important. You choose “who you disappoint”. I give time to an invisible God , perform secret service in my primary jobs with my husband and children, and take quiet care of myself-spiritually, physically, and emotionally. If these areas are healthy, my life is rich and overflowing….and I am HAPPY.

Written January 2010, re-edited March 2011, re-edited August 2011, REMINDED JULY 2014!