Honor without humility

After 25 years of working with amazing leaders-there are certain things that are always true. My heroes are men & women of deep humility. 2 weeks ago, @pastorbriangfisher taught 2 principles from Matthew 20 that gave us all pause! “We want honor without humility. We want authority without submission.” Zing! We get it-we all struggle here! Instead of asking a generic , “Am I proud?” Join me in asking yourself these questions.

1. How low am I willing to go?

2. How much of the world’s success have I brought into my faith?

3. Am I disrespectful to my current authority?

4. Am I known for a loving or critical spirit?

5. Is my heart living in awe toward God or anger toward God?

If you’re like me, these questions cut to the quick. Yet, we all want more of Jesus, more peace, more joy, & more satisfaction! Maybe it’s time to step up to going low. #matthew20 #betterlife #humility #followwell#leadwell

It’s Not About You

Nearly every other week, Revelation 1 is my fave thing to read to my kids. (This didn’t come from a lofty plan-in a moment of Mom exhaustion, I racked my brain trying to remember a text that was full of the identity of Christ! Now, it’s part of us.) It reads like a movie-full of color, drama, & power. This is Jesus in His splendor! He is identified, described & revealed. This could be the chapter that changes your life because it’s not about you-but about the One who invented life! (Thanks to my amazing daughter who drew this gorgeous pic!💕) #revelation #revelation1 #bible #jesuschrist

If God can raise Jesus from the dead…

We can’t help but think the importance the Resurrection of Jesus Christ applies to the past or the future, but we rarely think of it as affecting our present world. Jesus lived 2,017 years ago and we can’t help but look at this glorious holiday in a way of sweet remembrance, not necessarily current relevance. We worship for what was done. We sing praise for what will happen. We pray for the Kingdom to come. But what about now? Do you need the power of resurrected Christ today? Romans 8:11 may not be a standard Easter verse, but for me, this has infused my life with resurrection power for 20 years. “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.” This verse has given me the hope I need today, the power to live in a godly fashion, and a satisfied sense of His presence. Jesus has something NEW for you. We want to deal with next week in resurrection power. The resurrection is all about needing God. I need that huge, vast, and all-encompassing power to obey Him and love others. May our constant meditation be “If God can raise Jesus from the dead, then surely He can do ANYTHING for me!”

Ask Him for resurrection power. It’s His specialty.