Third Great Awakening?

Friends…good morning! In the midst of meditating on 2 Peter chapter 1:1-11, I have been reminded of God’s provision and His majesty. Yesterday was our first Sunday At Grace Bible Church with our Texas A & M Aggies back into town! This is amazing….this is the largest Freshman Class in the United States…8,200 “fish” (as Aggies call them!) In total, at both campus sites (Anderson…our main site and Southwood) between 3 services we had 2, 800 people come through the door!

Praise God! What is He planning to do? Please join with me in prayer that these students (and young families) would make decisions that would glorify God and reflect Christ in their lifestyles. I Love Church History (as many of you know…by the way, a great book “Church History in Plain Language by Bruce Shelley”…a must-have!) and have prayed for years for a “Third Great Awakening”.

Pray with us…He is moving mightily!

Love to you in Christ,



Detox Power Drink

I am amazed at how I have felt the last few days..this is a smoothie that might energize you too! (I was so surprised I had to tell my pals!)

This is all in a blender and almost everything you can get in a grocery store or Brazos Natural Foods (or Whole Foods) ..obviously, if you are pregnant, “Kyo-Green” Powder you would want to eliminate!


*One cup (or one and a half) whole milk (or skim)

*One cup PLAIN yogurt (not flavored-kind…too much sugar)

*2 Capsules (opened and poured in) of Turmeric

*2 -4 Capsules (1,000 mg each) tossed in blender Odorless Garlic

*1-2 Cups Frozen Blueberries (Apparently, the “most healthy fruit” according to a few newspapers….wow, who knew?) You can use any fruit I bet too!

*1 Banana

1 Teaspoon of “Kyo-Green” powder (this is barley grasses, wheat grasses, chlorella, and kelp)..Don’t worry..with the sweetness of the berries and everything else, it’s great!

There you have it..I pour it into a 16 ounce glass and down it!

Happy Detox! 🙂

Learning from History

WOW…I had no idea (or actually had forgotten) how cool the library is! I have enjoyed more presidential biographies including…

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, T. Woodrow Wilson, Ulysses S. Grant and James Madison!

It’s amazing to have read all this American (primarily presidential) history last spring and into the summer.  It’s fascinating for me and for my kids (at the dinner table) to talk about these men and the American events around them.  It’s like “home-schooling” without trying!  It made the Fourth of July and the childrens’ attitudes different in understanding what it means to live in a “free” country!
I have decided the Theodore Roosevelt biographies are my favorite. (The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt  and Theodore Rex  by Edmund Morris).  What an intriguing and amazing leader!