About 2 years ago, one of my friends, Lainie, and I put together a must list for our children in teaching them about God. Don’t be overwhelmed… sooo much of this comes from conversations with kids, I am convinced!

Teaching your Kids:

Basic Doctrine…  Existence of God, Trinity, Deity of Jesus, Security of Salvation and the Inerrancy of the Word

  • The Gospel-What is it?
  1. That God has a plan for each of our lives.
  2. We were born sinners and also make “mistakes” or sinful choices.
  3. Jesus Christ, the perfect One, died in our place for those sins.
  4. That Jesus wants to come live inside our hearts -giving us HEAVEN and an ABUNDANT LIFE HERE.
  • How to walk With The Lord... Here’s an example of our Top Three: ASKING JESUS TO HELP US, READING THE BIBLE TOGETHER, AND LEARNING TO PRAY!
  • Forgiveness in relationships !(Parent to child, sibling to sibling,  and friend to friend)

That’s just some of the rich spiritual life (I’m sure !) you’re demonstrating to your sweet children. It seems EVERY DAY there is at least one opportunity for me to live by faith   (Mommy encourages me!) and for them make a choice regarding Christ-like choices. (Think sibling interactions! )

May these ideas bless you! HE WILL HELP YOU!

What would you add to the list?


An Age-Old Prayer


I had written this for the girls I discipled in the Spring of 1997. It remains my prayer for
 for all of the girls I have met in 2014!

Powerful and Loving God, you have loved us and drawn us to yourself. You have shown
 us your love by paying the price for our sin. We could not pay this debt. May we recognize this spiritual secret! My hope for these women is that they would walk with you for a lifetime. There will be COST. Father, help them choose the harder way. Let them choose to follow when it hurts, when it’s embarrassing and when it divides.
May they not be satisfied with mere contentment in life. Let them SEE the 
invisible Kingdom…and REACH FOR IT. I ask that they would care more deeply for 
others than themselves. I pray that sharing the gospel with a lost person would be their life passion. Let them see the urgency!
Let them not be distracted by things that promise fulfillment–material things, power
 and position, and even worse, love of self. Let them choose significance in YOU. Let 
them be thankful and fulfilled in knowing their identity in you. 
I pray that they would read your Word, love it, and honor it by giving it TIME. Let 
them have honest time with you….not just consistent asking , but consistent worship 
as well. May they confess sin, KNOWING that the lack of confession can turn them into
 bitter women . May they cry out to you for immediate help when they are tempted 
toward sin.
In His POWER and not our own,

Word to the Wise

Going to the store? Glance at the magazine at the register.


How often do we see words like“pretty” or “brilliant?” Not so much. Is “sexy” society’s only word for women? 


Do we want more than this?


I think so. How about “smart”, “kind”, or “brave?”  


The oldest health & beauty manual says, ” I am making ALL THINGS new!”  (Jesus in Revelation 21) .

Jesus can give us a new heart, a new freedom, & a new lens through which to see life. Make time with Jesus

HIM through reading the Bible, praying to Him & making choices to honor Him.