Is there MORE for you?

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is vision for the future. Call it dreaming, hoping, or planning-it’s that powerful sense that says,”There is more.” Joshua was a faithful visionary-acutely aware of his need for strength to fulfill his calling. The weight of his task heightened his dependence on God. Fall is here: What’s your vision for yourself, your family, your church, or your business? It will require actively facing forward, not dwelling on the past, & leaning into God’s strength. The God of history has a plan for your future. Photo Cred: @micmccreary Man with a vision: @benbfisher20
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Your Weakness is Your Super Power

Many believers are convinced God is displeased with inability & inconsistencies. This is not true! If there’s EVER a message to Christians, it’s that we really cannot do any of this. Only He can. I cannot save myself & I cannot change myself! This is the glory of biblical exchanged life living. He waits for us to realize our true state of desperate need. He is gentle when we come with nothing to offer. Then -and only then-He can work! The self-righteous & smug vessel can’t be used by the King. There is simply no room. What would happen if we came to Him moment by moment and asked for help? What if we truly viewed our weaknesses as opportunities for Jesus to explode into our lives? Each second can be sanctified by our need of Him. Today, tell yourself the truth: Your need IS your super power! #leanin#weakness #jesus #grace #2corinthians #needy #divineexchange#apostlepaul

What Do I Want My Kids To Know?

All moms want to know they imparted spiritual truth to their kids. One day, I jotted down an evolving (& general!) list I wanted my kids to know when they fly from the Fisher nest.
1. Who is God?
2. What is the gospel?
3. How do I study the Word?
4. How do I forgive?
5. What makes my life count?
6. What is Heaven like?
7. How do I worship?
8. How do I battle spiritually?
9. Why is “missions” important?
10. How do I walk with Jesus?
This list is not exhaustive & hopefully not exhausting!😂Give yourself huge grace, plod an inch at a time, go deep in the Word, ask God for help every second & learn together. Say “I don’t know ” when you don’t & commit to finding answers in Scripture. Always remember: God gave you these children because He knew that you-with Him-were up for the challenge! #kids #bible #mom #momlife#faith #top10 #yougotthis #godusesbrokenvessels#longterm