Mama Bear

This necklace could be my favorite Mother’s Day gift ever from my husband & kids! I’ve walked the hallowed halls of motherhood for over 15 years now, yet the name “Mama” still touches my heart in deep places. There were years of infertility, miscarriages, & waiting where I suspected “Mama” would never be my name. The women who are part of the never-desired Sisterhood of Infertility will tell you we all lived in the “Why God?” zone. We all told ourselves, “Don’t hope this month-then the grief won’t be as bad.” (This is impossible because our very nature as Christians is designed to hope.) As my husband & I trudged that valley, we learned that God may not take pain away but the Man of Sorrows will offer Himself as companion & comfort. A life of faith will always be lived out in the bizarre tension of accepting the pain God allows and YET praying a way out of it! Many days, I still marvel at God blessing me with the honor of mothering 2 lives. Many women will never take Mother’s Day for granted. I don’t think we’re meant to. #mothersday#childrenareagift #momlife #thankGod

Honor? Position? Power? Here’s how!

After 25 years of working with amazing leaders-there are certain things that are always true. My heroes are men & women of deep humility. 2 weeks ago, @pastorbriangfisher taught 2 principles from Matthew 20 that gave us all pause! “We want honor without humility. We want authority without submission.” Zing! We get it-we all struggle here! Instead of asking a generic , “Am I proud?” Join me in asking yourself these questions.

1. How low am I willing to go?

2. How much of the world’s success have I brought into my faith?

3. Am I disrespectful to my current authority?

4. Am I known for a loving or critical spirit?

5. Is my heart living in awe toward God or anger toward God?

If you’re like me, these questions cut to the quick. Yet, we all want more of Jesus, more peace, more joy, & more satisfaction! Maybe it’s time to step up to going low. #matthew20 #betterlife #humility #followwell#leadwell

Jesus on one page?

Monday morning pals & I took the identity of Jesus (“Christology”!🤓) & put it on ONE page!! Jesus said this about Himself-John 8:56-59, John 14:8-10, Matthew 28:18-20. His followers said this about Him- Colossians 1:15-17, Colossians 2:9, Hebrews 1:3. Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecy Isaiah 53. 2 big church heresies-Arianism (“Jesus was a man, but not God”) Docetism (“Jesus was God, not man”) The takeaway? Jesus is fully God, fully man, died for sin, & rose from the dead. Bam! This is the crux of our faith-the basics (which are never basic!), the Essentials, “follow up”, & orthodox view of the Greatest Person of all time. Can you imagine if we all learned this & talked about it over coffee? Share this with your friend, your bible study, or your child! Thank you to my girl, @ashlamonogue for taking messy & making it beautiful!! @lorincatalena @aliciaroselima @ashlamonogue You ladies inspire!!! You each are examples of wanting to KNOW Him-I love u!! @gracebible #followup #basics #churchhistory #orthodoxy #theology#identityofchrist #whodoyousayiam