Ye Olde Christmas Exhaustion

It’s really true -our attitude toward stress shapes us more than the actual stress! Take ye olde “Christmas Exhaustion” for example. EVERY person I’ve talked to this month has been appropriately overwhelmed! This may seem weird but what would happen if we say, “Of course we are tired, so what? “ to our inner Grinch. What if we reframe our fatigue this way: “Yes, we’re freaked by what still needs to be done for Christmas. BUT since we love our families, we want to express it well.” Or “We’re grateful for our friends so we’ll go the distance to remind them of their importance to us.” Or “We are not turning away from the Salvation Army collectors this year. We will return their smile & give something. This helps people and it helps us!” Can we even imagine how that would change our holiday this year? It’s ok to be tired from Christmas prep-just ask God to remind you WHY you are tired. It’s for people & people matter to Him more than anything! #havesomecoffee #christmas#jesus #shopping #holiday #gifts #christmastime #gratitude #thankful#salvationarmy #lovewell #grinch


Longevity in Ministry -#1

Kicked off our first “Longevity in Ministry” time with some godly women!! Our first point: Know how to encourage yourself. Here’s how:
1. Be in the Word all the time. God’s word is still active & meant to be your favorite food.
2. Pray honestly. Tell Him what He already knows. You need Him to need Him!
3. Be around people you want to be like. Who do you hang with? Do you leave encouraged to go deep with Jesus or like you’ve been to a “Fuss Fest”? Sadly, some godly folks seem to thrive on complaining. Find thankful women to be around-it’ll rub off on you!
4. Speak truth to yourself! Replace lies with Scripture (Try Colossians 1-2!) Actively train yourself: the enemy tries to speak first person to you (“I’m not godly enough!”) when your faith makes him nervous! Speak the Name of Jesus.
5. Read old journals -remember when you fell for Jesus? He was your everything. Go back to this place: you don’t need to whip up some legalism to solve your intimacy problem with Christ! Realize you need Him to need Him. Ask for a fresh heart to remember your First Love. #moretocome#longevityinministry @leslielewis3 @lindsayjacobus @jolynneaster @ryanntvrner @vickibrent @kristinbrooke___ @moettelim @tristief @breedlove21 @susansmith415 @emmyaballard @knigliazzo



My friend @ann_huffines gave me this great reminder . Notice the pearl is sitting on a piece of sandpaper. There’s practically no way to miss this message: A pearl is only shiny after it’s been refined, sandblasted, & polished to its designed purpose. Beauty only comes with exfoliation. Are you going thru some sandblasting? Take heart-your trial is not designed to harm you but to help you. Ask God to help you. He wants the world to see you the way He does-complete & beautiful! #pearl #refinery #pain#hope #god #flashthosepearlywhites ❤️ — with Ann Gray Huffines.