It’s Not About You

Nearly every other week, Revelation 1 is my fave thing to read to my kids. (This didn’t come from a lofty plan-in a moment of Mom exhaustion, I racked my brain trying to remember a text that was full of the identity of Christ! Now, it’s part of us.) It reads like a movie-full of color, drama, & power. This is Jesus in His splendor! He is identified, described & revealed. This could be the chapter that changes your life because it’s not about you-but about the One who invented life! (Thanks to my amazing daughter who drew this gorgeous pic!💕) #revelation #revelation1 #bible #jesuschrist

One thought on “It’s Not About You”

  1. Thank you Tristie. I loved the picture that Anna Joy drew. She is very talented. Thank you for sharing this w/ all of us. We loved seeing you on Christmas Eve @ Southwood & loved Brian’s teaching. Please give Barbara & Dennis my love. I miss seeing them.
    Our Love to You in Him,
    Bill & Wendy Glud

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