Common Prayer #1: “I don’t get any of this, God.”

The phrase “broken-hearted” always stops me.   Broken-heartedness reflects a specific human emotional state-grief. Grief is that experience no one chooses and the pain no one is ever prepared for. “Broken-hearted” makes a whole lot of sense in this context. Grief strips you of pride, power, & (sometimes) purpose. Yet, feeling pain is indicative of heart function.  Why does God allow His people to endure heartbreak? Does He delight in our pain? No, He delights in our NEED FOR HIM. Broken-hearts need treatment from the Great Physician. Godly people walk through trials of existence -trials that seem to engulf and strangle . Our typical instant response will always be a fearful “Get me out of this!” Yet, the Father says with Authority, Comfort and Power, “Get Me in your situation!” God wants to stand next to us, whisper quiet words of truth, and comfort with the depth of His love. He says “I am joining you because I love you. You are not alone in this grief. I have felt everything.” His Unseen Presence is the best emotional salve for our broken human hearts.

Brian and I experienced this so very powerfully through years of infertility & multiple miscarriages. I’d never struggled with the “fairness of God” issue before. I learned that grief is not just sadness.  It is pain and it can almost become a garment.  YET, His Unseen Presence literally carried me. I sensed Him near me. He loved me, comforted me, and (to my surprise!) was able to handle my frustration with Him. I NEEDED HIM. No one else could comfort my heart like my Divine Cardiologist. He was near to my broken-heart.

Throughout the years, we have walked through a lot of heartbreak with many brothers and sisters.  Heart-break is brutal and many times a peppy  “Just trust the Lord!” mantra won’t comfort heartbreak.  The brokenhearted need comfort from God’s people and from the God of these people.  Believers communicating their shared pain brings peace, comfort, and maybe (eventually) healing. We help each other acknowledge our common broken-heart.

God knows all that is the unseen heart of man. He knows the ultimate life of blessing He wants to give us. It’s not just a response of “Well, I guess I needed this trial” that heals the heart. For me, I needed to turn and look at Jesus and say “I don’t get any of this. But, I trust that You do. I hurt but I will follow because you are the Author of Love. I put my heart in your healing hands. Would you put some of Your strength in it?” Then,  He did. 


Tristie Fisher



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