A better marriage-quickly!

Many of us read a marriage book & then come away feeling overwhelmed. Want a few bite-sized ideas that keep your marriage growing? 1. Starting this week, write down 3 things you appreciate about your husband & share these with him. Do this every week for a month -you are creating a habit of encouragement that will completely change the atmosphere of your marriage! Bless him by building him up.
2. Does your man have a hobby or sport that he likes and well, you not so much? 😜Learn about it-you’ll bless him & you might end up loving it! You are showing value for something he enjoys!
3.Say “Thank you for____”. Maybe your husband filled your gas tank, took a child to school for you, cleaned the kitchen or said “You look nice.” Call attention to the kindness & cultivate gratitude. (This is the game-changer! You’ll be astonished!) No one accidentally becomes grateful or loving. God wants to give us joy, peace, & sweet oneness as we seek to love our husbands well. Here, we can live out our faith. #intentionalwife #marriage#husband #love #romance #relationshipgoals #words #relationships#engaged #anniversary

Things You’ll Never Say in Heaven

Things You Will Never Say In Heaven:
1.”This is it?!”
2. “But I don’t want to sing for the King.”
3. “I’m so tired!”
4. “Can you turn these lights up? Hard to see in here.”
5. “Jesus was just a good man.”
6. “I think I’m getting sick.”
7. “How long do I have to stay?”
8. “Heaven is so boring!”
9. “These people are getting on my nerves.”
10. “I should never have become a Christian. ” #heaven #jesus #streetsofgold#joy #peace #kingdom #revelation

Persecuted Church

Tomorrow, we get to go to church publicly. We are allowed to choose where we worship. We will open Bibles without fear of imprisonment. We will sing-loudly-without fear. We will wear our cross necklaces, rings, & t-shirts that identify us as Christians. STOP & THINK OF OUR FREEDOM. Now, may we get on our knees & pray for those who publicly & privately that suffer for the Gospel in ways we can’t imagine. Pray for them to have enough to eat, for jobs to care for their families, for homes to live in, for their health, their strength, their marriages, their children and for their freedom to worship God. There is more worldwide Christian persecution now than ever before in history. May we pray faithfully for our brothers & sisters, give to ministries that help them, and stand with them as they endure for the Name Above Every Name. #persecutedchurch #persecutedChristians #church #faith#pray#voiceofthemartyrs #heroes #realcelebrities #heroines