Easy Observation Tips

used-car-salesmanOBSERVATION IS A SKILL.

Studying God’s Word deeply is primarily….to SEEING what is there. I promise if you take one verse or ten and write down things you SEE…you will be changed. All of the sudden, the WORD is not just about YOU, but GOD!

I loved teaching a series on selected Psalms. (check it out here). Even now, I share these tips in almost every talk because someone taught me!  (2 Tim. 2:2) This changed the way I read the Bible–and consequently, my love for the Word! For fear of sounding too much like a car salesman, I share with you (I have funny friends!)…


  1. How many verses are there in the text?
  2. How many times is God mentioned in this text?
  3. How many times in Jesus mentioned in this text?
  4. Who are the chief characters?
  5. What are the key words?
  6. What are the direct commands?
  • *For additional challenge:
  • Where have I seen this same thing ( This is what I call a “Timeless Principle” in the Old Testament! For example, some promises are exclusively for ISRAEL, but where on the New Testament do I see a parallelism? GREAT EXAMPLE- The Great Commandment in DEUTERONOMY and then Jesus repeats this in all Gospels!)
  • What are the verbs in this text?
  • Where is the author writing from?
  • What kind of book is this I am reading? For example, is this a “Prison Epistle” (like Philippians or Colossians) or a “Gospel” like Mark or John?
  • Enjoy digging the gems of blessing out of God’s Word!

I’m so excited for you to see the only written word on paper become what God intends it to be in your life-ALIVE! 



Thankful Tension

     Hello friends! I had written this last year-but GOD has put it back on my mind. I pray it blesses you!

     Many of us, through prayer groups or messaging each other, have discussed the challenges of PAIN AND SUFFERING in life. Whether  emotional or physical, the issue is not whether or not we will experience pain, but the ACUTENESS of it. Pain is a strange surprise to us….we readily receive the power of God to worship and witness but do not know how to depend upon Him in private trial.

How do you trust God when you cannot see Him? How do you cry out for His help when your heart is in anguish?

How do you lean upon Him as YOUR  intercessor?

 In His goodness, He gives His Word, His church and  the lives of those who have gone on before us.    

 Personally, it is the lives of those who have ENDURED, not ENTERTAINED who draw me the most. Those who have         been through the jungle of physical trial (and therefore emotional) trial with a soft-hearted determination to grow in Him. They have struggles (in the flesh) with self-pity, anger and pride yet, gained VICTORY (in the Spirit) through humility, brokenness and deep private worship of God.

The lives of Adonirum and Ann Judson of Burma and Robert and Mary Moffit of Africa give me encouragement in their constant commitment to “usefulness”, not necessarily personal fulfillment. How glorious to have our mind expanded to worship God not just for what I ask Him for but because HE is! Can He move? Yes. Can He heal? Yes. Can He change us? Most definitely. May we live in lives of “THANKFUL TENSION” . Tension because we want freedom from pain but thankful because He is and we are allowed to see.

Perhaps this will be the week He will cultivate in us a mind of thankfulness and a yielded heart of patience.

Our worship will be a fragrance to the Creator God who grandly hung the stars in the sky and STILL bends His ear to hear my eager, yet smaller, requests.

Love to you in the One who knows you best,