“Basic” Isaiah-Our New Study

IMG_2874      Isaiah?  Why study this book? If you are like me, you tend to study the books in the Bible you already know. In the last year, I made a list of books in the Bible that I have never studied. Isaiah is on top of my list! Challenging? Yes. Do-able? Absolutely. For those of us interested, we are taking this book a “bite at a time”. For example, our Facebook Forum is only reading (or studying) chapters 1-6 by the end of August. Interested? Order the book through Navpress or just jump into the FB  group!  

     Why call this “Basic” Isaiah? Many of us are busy gals who don’t have lots of time but want to stay grounded in the Word. This book is so powerful that learning a little feels like a lot!  

     As I  look through a new bible study, I like to learn the background. The background of a book in the Bible  adds color, depth, & perspective. As I process what I read, I begin to categorize verses and synthesize the chapters. What is the basic theme of a book? Jot down anything that helps you remember. For example, “Rebellion & Restoration” is my personal title of the book to remind me of its theme.    

      The following is compiled from our study (Navpress Isaiah), Ryrie Study Bible, Nelson Study Bible, and my own personal study.

*The name Isaiah means “The LORD is salvation”.

*Written 700 years before Christ.

*This book is written to Judah and Jerusalem (specifically) but Isaiah does occasionally address this to “Israel”). Yet, Israel had already been defeated by the Assyrians.

*Some believe Isaiah only wrote the first part of this book while another “Isaiah” wrote 40-66. But, most believe the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls validate Isaiah as one man who served Israel as prophet and author of this book.

*Isaiah prophesied for 60 years through 5 different kings. These kings are : Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, & Mannaseh.

*During this time, Israel lived in a sad cycle…Rebellion (or forgetting God), Judgment (or discipline), Repentance, and Restoration.

*The Navpress Isaiah study divides the book into 2 parts- Judgment and Comfort. Ryrie divides the book into 2 sections-Denunciation and Consolation. Nelson Study Bible divides the book into 3 catagories-judgment on idolatry/immorality, comfort for the exiles, and exhorting those who had returned from captivity.

*Many refer to this book in the Old Testament as the clearest reflection the Promised Messiah. In fact, Isaiah is quoted in the new Testament more than any other book!   Tristie Fisher, 2014