Gals Who Show Me Jesus

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    We all want friendships that reflect our faith. Some friendships focus on mentoring while others are centered on the simple beauty of Jesus! In His rich kindness, God has allowed me to know groups of amazing women! These gals have challenged me, these gals have inspired me and these gals make me want God more. THESE ARE THE KIND OF WOMEN THAT MAKE US BETTER.

 Thanks to MY DAUGHTER’S CREATIVITY , hIMG_2433ere are some pictIMG_1577ures of gals who have inspired me over the last 20 years!IMG_1315


May we all have this gift in our lives!

Search carefully (and prayerfully!) for friends that walk with God, love His Word, and want to become more like Him. Surround yourself with those who bless you and challenge you. Maybe the greatest indicator of a successful group time is not “what was accomplished” but WHO showed up. And to you sweetie gals pictured here (and many more!) -I just love you! Tristie