The Holy Spirit, Coffee & the Great Commission


Tristie, 2014


For the Fishers,  the Holy Spirit and Coffee are perhaps the 2 greatest components to achieving the Great Commission.

Please notice the order in which I write this… you must walk with the Lord (in the power of the Holy Spirit) FIRST.


Reading His Word, Obeying Him, Praying, Confessing sin one to another, Love and forgive… you know the drill.
If these things are present in your life, then you can greatly expand the SCOPE of your ministry by caffeinating your people.

First, invite them to your house… casually ask them if they drink coffee.  If they do not, feign SHOCK.  Then, make them their first cup and sweeten it up good. (Chocolate works great!)

Somehow, over about a 1-2 year period they begin to drink this most blessed beverage.

Second, you begin to serve coffee and only coffee all the time….your church interns and staff will figure this out.

“Well, it’s this or nothing!”

Brian and I are “coffee snobs”… not that we meant to be.  I never cleaned the coffee pot, we drank Folger’s, and we drank OLD coffee.  THEN, we tasted real true Columbian bean…and our lives are never the same.  Somewhat of a conversion experience.

Now, we must have filtered water, only drink Starbuck’s (according to specific proportions) and if it’s over 20 minutes old, forget about it.

Friends, you will not believe the productivity of your staff, interns, church, or even lawn mowing teenagers when you begin this process.  Truly, it can change production and thereby change lives.

Do you know how many you can share the gospel with after having a triple expresso?!

Thankful God gave us this blessing,