Living Water for the Thirsty Soul

Concentric Circles Forming In Still Water


AUTHOR’S NOTE: HERE IT IS FOR OUR NEW “LIVING WATER FOR A THIRSTY SOUL” FRIENDS! Weeks ago, you received some background on the book. Here’s the study to print out. Just scroll down and click “here” (OPEN LINK), print it out, and enjoy learning more about Jesus!

Do you need refreshment, substance, freedom, and life-change? Then, this study about the Book of John is for you! If you’re like me, I need time in the Word with the LIVING WATER, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, to be refreshed!

  • REFRESHMENTThis book is full of living water and living God. Whether it’s the 7 “I Am” NAMES OF JESUS, 7 signs of His power, or understanding YOUR identity….every word of it is water to a thirsty soul. Do you need this?
  • SUBSTANCEFor me, this study covers the most powerful Gospel written. In every chapter, there is fresh knowledge-gems of truth that GOD wants to give you! The study is structured with solid questions reflecting on your observations of the text. As you meditate on the words of Christ, you will be changed.
  • FREEDOMI wrote this study with many audiences in mind. I wanted you to be able to complete as much or as little…according to your “STAGE OF LIFE”. Some of us are retired, college students, traveling gals, or new mothers. SET YOUR PACE AND DO IT YOUR WAY! Whether you complete all the questions or read through the book a few times, this study¬† WILL be a blessing you because His Words LIVE and meet your deepest THIRST!
  • LIFE-CHANGE ...There is absolutely no way to read of Christ as “The GOOD Shepherd” or you as “HIS OWN” and not be changed. Even reading through the chapters, my heart is quickened, my thirst satisfied, and my hunger abated. MY NEEDS CAN BE MET. My prayer for you is that you would sense the FULLNESS, too!

JOIN the many women & men in “cyperspace” who are involved in this study! The Book of John, written by the Beloved Disciple is one to know for a lifetime. In addition, this blog ¬†has written commentaries and information for your study to help you with this book!

Click here to experience “LIVING WATER FOR THE THIRSTY SOUL”!


Tristie Fisher