The Preacher’s Wife

Sisters in Christ,

I hear from many of you about your current calling from God -that of being a Pastor’s Wife.  People will  as you, “What’s it like to be the Pastor’s wife?”


  • Because I am a Child of the King, evangelism and discipleship are the languages I speakExhibiting love for others and conducting myself in a way that honors the character of Jesus.  There is no question we all have different spiritual GIFTS…some to give, some to serve, and some to teach. How glorious that Paul teaches that we are ALL to pray and  ALL to love!! Now, I get to add to my circle of influence through chats on marriage, children, and sharing my struggles!  WHEN WE WALK WITH GOD- we get to love, lead, and impact. 
  • COMPLETE HONESTY...”Do I find my significance in BEING a Pastor’s Wife?” or “Do I find my significance in BEING a “Daughter of the King”  whose value to the Kingdom is insurmountable? He will show you your heart’s motivation and give you power over insecurity and power over pride!
  • ONLY YOU CAN BE YOU. You are called to be a “helpmate” to your husband and his calling as a pastor (loving the congregation pro-actively and serving where needed)….most importantly, to LOVE him. He is your #1 ministry. If God gave you children (one of the ultimate gifts!) then this is your #2 priority. As my wise husband says, “Only you can be their mommy.” I want to look back and say “I gave them my “all” in the context of a healthy marriage example and love for Jesus!”

John 15:16...”You did not choose me, but I chose you that you should GO and BEAR  fruit and that your fruit may ABIDE…”

Standing With You…