Hello “LIVING WATER FOR A THIRSTY  SOUL” Bible Study Friends!

By now, I’ll bet you’ve printed out your study (available here or on our Facebook page) and begun to read the Book of John. Many gals have started answering some of the questions. TODAY, I thought I would share a but with you about CHAPTER TITLES”.

CHAPTER TITLES are helpful because they help you understand the flow of the book and even begin to memorize it as you study.

Here are a few of mine…I need them to be easy to remember as I seek to learn the book!

  • *Chapter 1-“The LOGOS (Greek for WORD) and the Lamb”
  • *Chapter 2-“The Wine is the First Sign”
  • *Chapter 3-“Nick @ Night”
  • *Chapter 4- “Woman’s Lib!”
  • *Chapter 5-“Opposition Begins”
  • *Chapter 6- “Jesus Feed and Frees”
  • *Chapter 7-“Believe & Watch LIVING WATER Flow”  (Verses 7:37-39 are key verses)
  • *Chapter 8-“The People Defy Jesus”
  • *Chapter 9-“Blind Man Healed”
  • *Chapter 10-“Jesus=Shepherd”
  • *Chapter 11-“The Lives(s) of Lazarus!”

How’s that for a start for you? Just Read the chapter .Write down the things that stand out to you. Now, give it a title! Anything to help you remember that particular chapter!