So far!

When dealing with children on Summer Vacation: (From the desk of STUDENT Tristie Fisher)

Having a 7 year old boy on summer vacation and his “do what he does” 4 year old kid sister is radically different than last year!

We don’t have cable and oops! PBS just went off…we have to figure that all out…so creativity is required. (When I say “creativity”, I mean using my brain and that means coffee in the morning.)

What’s great is that they are the age that they can entertain themselves! Games like….”See how much milk you can drink” when Mom’s not looking or the Daily Pillow/Blanket Fort are the main games of the day.

The biggest 2 things “Saving my Bacon” as they say in the South…
  1. the blow-up swimming pool (2-3 feet deep in our yard!)
  2. the Library…where (no kidding) we check out up to 22 books at a time!
It has been a JOY to sleep a little later, be together all day (they truly love being together,…as many of you know we like to say….”It’s God that made them for each other!”), and to look at their freckles get more numerous. I LOVE freckles! They are getting big and I like them so very much.
Mommy is tired , older, but hopefully can still “play”..that’s one of my personal goals for the summer. Play with them more…be silly more! (You would think with my personality this would not be a problem, but you are not in my family…aha!) They see the real deal..the Martha focused on cleaning and cooking.
Jesus….make their summer memorable. They are swimming stronger, doing things braver, and loving and fighting each other more. This is the beginning of a life friendship.
Meanwhile, I will try to remember (paraphrase!) that G.K. Chesterton quote that we have grown old but God has not!