No Such Thing as Multi-Tasking in the Kingdom!

My mind has been consumed with ministry planning for the next year.  I have been convicted and GOD gives this wonderful reminder in my daughter’s children’s Bible.  May it bless you and refresh you with Living Water!

This came from a seminar called “How to Teach a Bible Study” that I got to teach.  Literally, my mind has been filled with this story.

Luke 10:38-42

Chief Characters:  Jesus, Martha & Mary (Lazarus somewhere?)

(This is a topical, not as exegetical observation… your kids won’t miss application!)

3 Things We See (Observations are “obvious”!)

  1. Martha is busy
  2. Mary is sitting
  3. Jesus is teaching

The fun part came when I shared my daughter’s comment after being taught this passage and the importance of listening to Christ first before serving Him….

“MMM and Jesus didn’t even say “He was hungry”!

Application:  The good part is…

  1. Listen
  2. Obey
  3. Practice Giving Him your attention
  4. Don’t be busy FOR Him

You cannot multi-task in the Kingdom.  It’s on or the other.

Yet, have you noticed His gentleness with Martha?  No scolding or reprimand.  Simply an invitation for something more profitable.  I struggle constantly… because I am human serving an eternal God… but Mary gives me hope… with the power of the Spirit, I can sit, listen and obey.

Mary has chosen the good part and it will not be taken from her.