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Not “if” but WHEN

Thank you to my girl, Pammy!@pamkillerlainart created this beauty! In this Psalm, David doesn’t say “if” I am afraid but “when”. Fear is a universal human battle. Fear is not just being afraid of something or someone. Do you struggle with always wanting control ? Fear that God is not good might be the source. Do you have to constantly be moving & doing? It could be fear of insignificance. Do you allow people to know all of you? It could be fear of rejection. This Psalm is powerful because it’s truthful (“I am afraid”) but it’s also victorious “I will trust in You”.) Acknowledge your fear, actively place yourself in God’s grasp, and expect Him to work for you! My favorite part of this chapter is v. 9. “…this I know that God is FOR me”. Freedom is always God’s will for our lives! No bondage, no fear and the sweet air of freedom is part of His inheritance for us. #psalm56 #KingDavid #faithnotfear #Trust — with Pam Killerlain.15317959_1534061499942836_1834825713901736917_n