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Is there MORE for you?

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is vision for the future. Call it dreaming, hoping, or planning-it’s that powerful sense that says,”There is more.” Joshua was a faithful visionary-acutely aware of his need for strength to fulfill his calling. The weight of his task heightened his dependence on God. Fall is here: What’s your vision for yourself, your family, your church, or your business? It will require actively facing forward, not dwelling on the past, & leaning into God’s strength. The God of history has a plan for your future. Photo Cred: @micmccreary Man with a vision: @benbfisher20
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Your Weakness is Your Super Power

Many believers are convinced God is displeased with inability & inconsistencies. This is not true! If there’s EVER a message to Christians, it’s that we really cannot do any of this. Only He can. I cannot save myself & I cannot change myself! This is the glory of biblical exchanged life living. He waits for us to realize our true state of desperate need. He is gentle when we come with nothing to offer. Then -and only then-He can work! The self-righteous & smug vessel can’t be used by the King. There is simply no room. What would happen if we came to Him moment by moment and asked for help? What if we truly viewed our weaknesses as opportunities for Jesus to explode into our lives? Each second can be sanctified by our need of Him. Today, tell yourself the truth: Your need IS your super power! #leanin#weakness #jesus #grace #2corinthians #needy #divineexchange#apostlepaul

Why it’s Time to Make Friends with Social Media

We all fall into one of two camps concerning social media: Love or Hate. It seems to reflect our age group. Over 35, we scoff at it. Under 35, we treasure it. I had to face facts years ago. I checked out as “loser” when it comes to handwriting letters to friends & mailing physical pictures to family. Now, I’m more connected to family & friends than ever before! Is it possible social media can be a gift? Or is this just another distraction in living a life of simplicity? Um -both are “YES”.
1. Good: Connecting with family/friends from all phases of your life!
Bad : It can turn into a silly & sometimes harmful schoolyard comparison game.
2. Good: The impact of a believer goes everywhere faster than you can say “post”!
Bad: Like any ministry, you can’t weigh your worth by your “likes”. The minute this occurs, your impact is done.
3. Good: Social media can bring color into lives, open minds to new ideas, & foster the sense of being “with” others.
Bad: Like any gift, we can forget the Giver. We can spend more time with VIRTUAL JESUS than with BIBLICAL JESUS.
4. Good: In a world of pain, it can be a welcome balm to our souls. A healthy “pushing pause” on our struggles.
Bad: It can cause us to check out of reality & relationships & move quickly to addiction.
Bottom Line: Many of us “older” believers tend to toss out the baby with the bathwater. We are legalistic in our pride or “not being with the world”. On the other hand, many “younger” friends can become so saturated with the tech world, they truly cannot live without it. Let’s walk in virtual health-staying in the Word, staying accountable to others, and staying in the game of present physical relationships. Let’s thank God for this utterly amazing gift of social media & allow it to draw us near to Him. (I’m guessing nobody just “thinks” of these ideas. The Master of Beauty has given all these inventions to man!) Now, go ahead …search, like, follow, tweet, & post all within the context of leaning into Him. #virtualjesus #biblicaljesus #bible#faith #socialmedia Thank u to my goddaughter, @ktcoyle2015 !! 😘

— with Katie Coyle.