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Jesus Wants To Give You This

Ya’ll-every time I look at this pic, tears fill my eyes! These 3 beauties (insert pic of Lori Sorrel & Jeni Dillingham!) were a powerhouse discipleship group of college women who deeply desired to handle God’s word, grow (without reservation!) in Christ, disciple other women & leave a huge eternal impact. 2 Timothy 2:2 (“these things which u have heard in presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”) was always our gang’s (from 1993-2016!) bedrock verse. Can I tell u a secret? Discipleship always starts out mentor & students. There are years of pouring out your very life-sharing what God has taught you, interceding in prayer over “your girls” & seeing the initial vision of how God wants to use them. You love first. But, THEN, years later your “girls” become your closest life friends-they cover you with love, faithfulness, & wisdom. They are the women I turn to for prayer, mercy, & courage. I respect their marriages & appreciate how they love their kids. They know my weaknesses, they know my pain, & they know my heart. We’ve been forever knit together-my girls are my sisters. Now, I look to them & follow their lead as they impact this generation! Now, these are my verses for themI Thessalonians 2:19-20 “For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation? Is it not even you, in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming? For you are our joy and crown.” Thank u for teaching me how @sandi.ireland and Pam Hurt!! THIS PIC REPRESENTS YOUR INVESTMENT! #2Timothy2:2 #DiscipleshipGroupForLife #GodwantstogivethistoU — with Stacey Tuttle, Sarah Bouldin, Paige Gerdes Smith and 33 others at Grace Bible Church.

Ken & Ann=TeamBuilders

I met this amazing couple as a new staff girl coming to serve w/ CRU at Texas A & M. Ken and Ann Cochrum poured time, love, guidance, truth & kindness into our team. Then, as now, their walk with Jesus & their loving marriage impacted many! Ken & Ann were the first couple I’d ever seen willing to leave life here to share the gospel with those who’d never, ever heard of Jesus! Those early years of ministry with Ken & Ann taught me how to build teams, disciple women, & endure in trials. They saw my weaknesses yet graciously gave me room to grow up! Brian knew & loved these great friends even before we got married. Now, 2 decades later, it’s always a huge blessing when we can see each other! So grateful for their example of loving Jesus well! (I still want to be Ann Cochrum when I grow up! 😉) #WinBuildSend #2Timothy2:2 #kingdomfriends — with Brian G. Fisher, Ann Cochrum and Ken Cochrum.

Microwaves, Crock Pots, and Faith


It’s the silly things God can use to teach you. Like, um…a microwave oven?  I  use my microwave multiple times a day. It’s fast and requires minimal work. I dig speed!  My faith can be like that silly  microwave…punch it, zap it and heat it up fast! I want God to answer my prayer requests FAST & I want character in 30 seconds! It’s HARD to wait. I want powerful faith in less time that it takes to make my popcorn.

But, biblically, God seems to use a slower pace more often than not. He uses it to mature, to deepen, and to refine.

If I step back from chaos & activity, I realize I want that. I want to hear Him, have time to think deeply on what He’s revealed, and to relish in His love for me.   

Not microwave faith Lord? Ok.  What then? Not that opposite-of-who-I-am machine that I never use?! That old school way of expressing my domestic (read: food) love for my people?!


This thing is not my speciality. Cooking with a Crock Pot takes forethought, planning, and even time.   I don’t even speak this language! Why do people use this thing? Because the food tastes better than microwave food.  It’s rich, moist, and flavorful.  I get it , Lord. You want to do something new in me. You challenge me to simmer, not nuke. You want depth in me. Flavor that comes from the Cook.

Apparently, a Crock Pot makes good food.  Why? It has to cook SLOWLY to be really good.   

 God kindly shows me things in me that need to change, but mostly how much He loves me.  My favorite thing is that He is increasing my level of thankfulness for everything..especially Him. “Promised Land Living” by J. Oswald Sanders is about the book of Joshua.  In it, Sanders uses one of my favorite phrases “the Realized Presence of God.”. To experience the “realized Presence”, I have to stop & receive . I have to be quiet to hear Him and go slower to experience His peace. This is no 30 second experience. 

Lord, free me from speed and the immaturity of instant gratification. Deepen my faith and increase your Aroma of Grace through me.

Now, time for dinner.


Tristie Fisher, 2014