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Tired of being a Self-Absorbed Human? Me too!

It’s a huge thing when we face the fact that we are (by nature) self-centered. This delightful malady has infected every person who’s ever existed-except perfect Jesus Christ. (Colossians 1:15-20) When we accept this as our reality, we understand ourselves better. In every relationship, our flesh instinctively asks, “What’s in this for me?” When a human is faced with hardship, the human asks “How can I get out of this pain?” An embarrassing revelation of this condition always seems to show itself through photography and our response to pictures. Who do we look for first? Ugh.
Many of us are tired-very tired of being self-absorbed. Self-absorption always promises happiness and delivers nothing. We spend hours on ourselves feeding the flesh and still have no peace. How can we be freed from this? Is it possible?
There is one way-we go to Jesus and say, “I cannot make myself different, but you can!” We give Him our inability and He gives us His ability. Only He can give us a new heart. (Ezekiel 36:26) We all want to be absorbed by things that deliver joy-serving God and serving people. We can be free to love, free to initiate, free to focus on other people, free to experience true peace. Because He is the great Exchanger, Jesus can give us His eyes that look out at others rather than in at ourselves.

(My kids and I laughed at this selfie pillow below! #airkiss #pretendlove #JesusGivesusANewHeart!)