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Talking to Yourself

What if we actively believed this? What if we lived each day knowing His completed work has been poured into us by faith? Many believers strictly identify themselves as “broken” “depressed” “anxious” “no good” or “unloveable”. It’s human nature to call to mind our wounds instead of meditating on His wounds. He exchanges His complete victory for our incomplete faith. Colossians 1 & 2 is saturated with the identity of Christ. Today, we can end critical self-talk with one little phrase “I am complete in Him!” #jesus #complete #speaktruth #colossians

What’s in Your Neverland?

These shoes represent a new belief that I could learn something on my “never” list. As a severe asthmatic since childhood, running was just not an option. I loved other activities but running was for “real athletes”. Here’s the harsh reality: 3 years ago, I could not run in place for 20 seconds. As ALWAYS, God delights in our “I could never attitude”! He is the author of all things new-new strength, new power, & (most of all) a new perspective. This was a private battle of endurance for me with hundreds of needy (desperate?) prayers for help from Jesus. My favorite accountability partner/ENCOURAGER Brian rejoiced over all 1,200 miles (literally) w/ me! Our friends, Mike & Dara, have built their business on empowering people!! These old running shoes are being retired to my own Neverland!! @pastorbriangfisher @brcnuge @brazosrunningco #WhatsyourNever? #icantbelievethisdaycame #ifIcanUcantrustme � — with Michael Nugent, Dara Tolson Nugent, Brian G. Fisher and  Brazos Running Company.

Does God really just love perfect people?

All of us naturally think that if we obey God THEN He loves us. We picture Him as a giant in the sky who turns his love switch and off. Why do we do this ? How many of us believe down deep that God only truly loves perfect people? As believers, we want to walk with Him and please Him, of course, but pleasing and loving are 2 different concepts. We please Him in obedience but His love is not dependent on us. His love is constant-despite our daily sins and even in the midst of our chronic sin patterns. God’s LOVE never ever changes. How does our day change if we think on this, immerse ourselves in this, and believe this ? Right now, He loves us & wants to overwhelm us with His unwavering & seemingly unreasonable love! Just say ,”Thank you”.13903384_10154374717494817_6461781836628993831_n