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My friend @ann_huffines gave me this great reminder . Notice the pearl is sitting on a piece of sandpaper. There’s practically no way to miss this message: A pearl is only shiny after it’s been refined, sandblasted, & polished to its designed purpose. Beauty only comes with exfoliation. Are you going thru some sandblasting? Take heart-your trial is not designed to harm you but to help you. Ask God to help you. He wants the world to see you the way He does-complete & beautiful! #pearl #refinery #pain#hope #god #flashthosepearlywhites ❤️ — with Ann Gray Huffines.


Get Your Fierce Face On

When your romantic overnight trip is plagued by a lost wallet, missing eyeglasses, a nearly flat tire, & a heavy downpour, you take stock of the situation. You give God your honest disappointment & then actively protect that birthright gift of JOY God gives all His kids. You get your fierce face on & talk about all you’ve been given from God. In the battle against a complaining spirit , you just crossed into victory land! Now, you must eat ice cream because it’s the dessert of warriors-I think. (Or at least, it should be. ) #enemydown #choosejoy #icecream#protectyourheart #fighttraining #activeduty — with Brian G. Fisher at Marble Slab Creamery – College Station.


Your Weakness is Your Super Power

Many believers are convinced God is displeased with inability & inconsistencies. This is not true! If there’s EVER a message to Christians, it’s that we really cannot do any of this. Only He can. I cannot save myself & I cannot change myself! This is the glory of biblical exchanged life living. He waits for us to realize our true state of desperate need. He is gentle when we come with nothing to offer. Then -and only then-He can work! The self-righteous & smug vessel can’t be used by the King. There is simply no room. What would happen if we came to Him moment by moment and asked for help? What if we truly viewed our weaknesses as opportunities for Jesus to explode into our lives? Each second can be sanctified by our need of Him. Today, tell yourself the truth: Your need IS your super power! #leanin#weakness #jesus #grace #2corinthians #needy #divineexchange#apostlepaul