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Why This Pain?

Tragedy seems -by nature -to be sudden & unexpected. It chills us, wrecks us, yet centers us. Instantly, all other “important” becomes unimportant. As believers focused on the next kingdom (which is currently alive & thriving with the Prince of Life), death baffles us. Why do we weep if we know we will be reunited ? Why this pain? Our fragile flesh always astonishes us. Humans were created with deep capacity to love each other. We hurt because we love. Jesus cried when His dear pal Lazarus died. Why? He knew what He would do-stun the known world with the most inhuman act of raising a dead man. Why did the Son weep? Could it be He (in His divinity) is also showing His humanity? Is He showing us the awful tension of human life & heavenly life? None of us knows or understands fully. No quick verses or platitudes can alleviate pain. Maybe that’s it…in our flesh pain, we have to trust the One Who Understands. We hand Him our questions, our anger, our anguish, our fear, our discomfort of death . He loves His creation -He knows things we don’t, and by faith (only tried through trial) we choose to trust Him. He who spoke the world into existence also wept when His friend died. This Savior is real, approachable and so very lovable. #john11 #prayfortheBlomFamily — with Julie Blom.15284920_10154782006859817_1175309095435773705_n-3

Paris? Pain? Poverty? Start here.

IMG_3612Last week, we watched Paris experience tragedy. Many of us have friends fighting cancer . This Christmas season, we will encounter people with few possessions.  Every time we help people deal with pain, we are reminded of a serious and uncomfortable truth. 

God is bigger than we are and life is not fair.

Pain, humility, sorrow, and anguish turn us outward-always good.

Not impacted by the tragedy in France? Not currently helping a friend in physical pain?  Here’s one more question-do you feel a little guilty that you are safe or healthy or financially blessed? Acknowledge this with Jesus. Tell Him, “I don’t know why I have am not struggling. I don’t know why I am so blessed! I don’t know how to respond, Lord.” We can “draw near to God and God will draw near to you.” (James  4:8) Humility is before service every time.

God has positioned you to be used by Him to bring LIGHT to dark tunnels in life. How?

  1. PRAY for those in pain.
  2. WEEP with those who weep. Jesus was big on this. No pep talks. No “count your blessings” mantra. Just BE with those who hurt and ask God to help you walk with them.
  3. GIVE time and money. Sacrifice much.
  4. TEACH kids that Jesus is eternal and that the world is not.
  5. LIVE differently. Relationships with people are what we are made for. 

Thankful that God is still God,