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Want a better marriage?

The most important relationship you will ever have is with GOD. The second most important relationship is with your SPOUSE.  We all have a habit of digging deep into the Word, joining Christian groups, and offering help in the name of Jesus. God always wants to move in our hearts and out into our relationships-especially marriage.  

  • Realize no marriage is perfect! This should encourage you-because we are humans with a sin nature and selfish tendency. If your marriage was perfect, you couldn’t see God change you or the situation. God loves to be needed.    
  • Realize we all want to grow in this area! Whether we can verbalize it or not, we all want a thriving marriage built on the constancy of Christ.  He has designed His people to want to grow in all areas of life.  God will show you where you need to grow-if you ask Him to reveal Himself through His Word and the counsel of godly friends.  
  • Realize encouragement is KEY!  Begin now to “speak” the language of encouragement in your marriage.   Come in deep humility and ask God to help you train your tongue now to speak words of life and not death to your spouse.  Practice being kind-it’s just not natural. Start now: are there 3 things your spouse has done this week that you appreciated? Tell him or her verbally , in a note, or even in a text.  Get ready! THIS will change your marriage relationship!