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Read Into This

old-books-436498_1920New Reading List – Must Reads:

*1. The Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero (This is the my favorite book of the year! It’s created a new and deep reality with Jesus. Truly, every friend in leadership must read this! This is a book that reveals our need for Jesus and delivers new ways to see lasting growth! Chapter 7: and chapter 10 are part of my weekly devotional plan! Life changer!)
2. The Prophet: Amos (Sons of Encouragement Series #4) by Francine Rivers (Maybe the greatest thing -other than the actual book of Amos -that I’ve studied about the Old Testament prophet. In the midst of inductive deep study of this book, THIS brought color and reminded of the humanity of Amos.).
*3. The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller (This book constantly reorients my “ Older Brother versus Younger Brother” thinking. A great challenge and invitation to grow! I LOVED reading parts of this to my family!)
*4. God Loves You: He Always Has, He Always Will by David Jeremiah (A constant of truth! A great book to remind us of what’s God thinks of His people!)
5. Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf ( I read parts of this book to Brian. We liked the way she describes the difference between the brain and the mind. Encouraged by the authority God’s give us over our lives! Part 2 has real ways to apply this!)
*6. Dreams and Visions : Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? by Tom Doyle (This was a road trip book-created HUGE discussion!)
7. Sundar Singh : Footprints Over the Mountains by Janet & Geoff Benge (Brian and I reread this story. He is a favorite-unknown yet known to the One. Character-building!)
8. The Greatest Among You: A Student’s Guide to Servant Leadership by Randy Sims (My son loved this-deep truths here by a great example!)
9. Ten Girls Who Changed the World by Irene Howard (I love this and love sharing with my daughter!)
10. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (I have to read this a little at a time to really learn.)
*11. Finding Calcutta by Mary Poplin (A once a year read for me! My favorite book on Mother Theresa & her humble ministry.)
12. Girl in the Song: The True Story of a Young Woman Who Lost Her Way -and the Miracle That Led Her Home by Chrissy Cymbala (A powerful story that inspired me to pray !)
13. Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God’s Transforming Presence by Ruth Haley Barton (I like the pace of this book-refreshing , serene, and focused.)
14. The Twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg ( Jaw-dropper, couldn’t put it down, astounding current and future news. Truly, I learned more about Islamic Eschatology through this book than anything else.)

Not a huge reader? Not a ton of time? The book titles with astericks would be my “must reads”! ENJOY!

UPDATED Reading List


Hello  Friends! If you are like me, there is no place
better to be refreshed than in a BOOK! 
Truly, whether it's a Christian book or presidential
history, using my mind instead of "DOING",
keeps me BALANCED.
INTERESTED? Here's the latest book list!  
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  • Believing God by Beth Moore
  • The Call by Os Guiness
  • The Purpose- Driven Life by Rick Warren (I’m enjoying revisiting & teaching parts of this!)
  • Borden of Yale by Mrs. Howard Taylor

America the Beautiful!

HAPPY SPRING! Brian and I  just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. to celebrate 15 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!

  • We were excited because we love learning trips!
  • With beautiful weather surrounding us, we loved this city! We visited majestic monuments, glorious art museums, ethnic restaurants, and met so many wonderful people. We enjoyed a tour of the House from our Representative and got to watch a live debate on the floor.
  • It seemed to us the pervading feeling was one of HUMILITY & THANKFULNESS. When you walk through Arlington, see the Vietnam Wall, or look at the words that set us FREE you are overwhelmed that SOMEONE sacrificed his or her life SO YOU COULD SEE ALL THIS! Whether the Revolutionary War (which grew a nation!) or more recent wars, this experience GROWS your heart.
  • We walked away with inspired hearts and renewed focus to pray fervently for the most wonderful country in the world. It’s an HONOR to be an American-reaping the benefits of thousands who have gone before.
As always, we love books to read to learn about our country. Here’s a quick “MUST READ” List!
  1. 1776 by David McCullough
  2. John Adams by David McCullough
  3. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Pulitzer Prize winner, Edmund Morris
  4. The First American: Benjamin Franklin by H.D. Brands

May you be blessed today in a free country and worshipping JESUS who has set us “free”!