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My friend, Mary, added this pic and I thought ,”That is EXACTLY how I feel living under a GOD OF GRACE WHO LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT! I  want to live like this! Arms lifted high-RECEIVING. Lately, I find myself in awe of the overwhelming vastness of GOD’S GRACE.  Is grace really free or do I need to do some things because I am in a  “divine pay-off” relationship with God? Am I living in GRACE or LEGALISM? GRACE IS UNMERITED FAVOR-no question-but I think the depth of this would shock us. We often think of the word “SIN” as an action or thought when it can also be a state. Why does it seem as we live in 2 worlds? The busy, daily grind when we don’t think about God at all on Tuesday, yet we can experience the spiritual HIGH of a Sunday morning.


  1. NATURAL MAN” (one not knowing Christ as Savior)
  2. “CARNAL MAN “(person having come to know Christ, but not obeying Him as Lord)
  3. “SPIRITUAL  MAN”( person having trusted Christ as Savior & obeying Him.) With Romans 7 as our guide, we are stuck! When you can, read ROMANS 6-8 in one sitting. If you want, write down what you see. GOD’S incomprehensible GRACE breaks that ridiculous chain that we all wear- STRIVING FOR GOD TO LIKE US!

When I look through these chapters, I think, why do I do what I do?  If I am a legalist, it’s  because a vine of deceit has woven itself around me that says “work for God”or sadly, impress others with my devotedness. If I live in GRACE-REAL FREE GRACE-I walk with God BECAUSE I’M RESPONDING to Him in BROKENNESS. I know, I mean really, I can’t do it. I can’t obey without God’s Spirit, I can’t desire time in His Word without His gentle hand, & I want to be self-centered at least 30 times a day. YET, HE WAITS….KINDLY, WITH OPEN & GENTLE HANDS & ALWAYS A BETTER WAY! CHECK YOURSELF WITH THESE QUESTIONS. THEY HELP ME!

  1. WHY am I doing this activity (bible study, speaking, or serving in the church kitchen)?
  2. Do I believe God would STILL love me if I didn’t do these activities? Do I RECEIVE His kindness ?
  3. Do I “feel good” about myself when I do “religious things”?
  4.  Do I reckon myself dead and crucified with Christ and that nothing good dwells in my flesh? I love it that LIFE STARTED AT A SYMBOL OF DEATH- A TOMB! ANY GOOD IN ME IS HIS GOOD.
  5. I have to ask God to break me any spiritual pride, really, to help me see the true state of our humanity. When I do, I am be surprised (maybe discouraged, sometimes?). Then,& only then, do we awaken to see OUR COMPLETE NEED AND HIS MAJESTY…and THAT IS GOOD.

May our lives be open to Him in True Humility,