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Table for One?

  Ever feel like  everyone you know thinking about ROMANCE? TIRED OF IT ?

Let’s ask God to draw us to Him-Jesus is the ultimate LOVE OF OUR LIFE!

God has a plan for all of us this holiday-not just people in love or married! WHAT IS OUR PRIMARY IDENTITY?

I  PRAY that this ENCOURAGES YOU in every stage of life.

  • As mentioned, I felt led to write to my  SINGLE GAL PALS.  We all walk this road at some time. I think of 2 recent friends of mine just starting down the path of widowhood, or divorced single friends in their 30’s & 40’s, college women, and high school gals. 
  • It’s TRUE it’s hard when we have to WAIT for anything we want. In this post, we are talking (mainly) about waiting for the right marriage partner.   
  • Marriage, great career, children, and a great church make us me “happy”, right?  Granted,  they are EXTREME blessings! Yet, the PRUNING process of giving God control is a great gifts. I learn that ANYTHING I PUT MY FAITH IN (BUT CHRIST) IS IDOLATRY.  An empty cistern promising refreshment and delivering nothing.  (Book of Jeremiah!) Jesus knew what He was talking about. HE & HE ALONE FULFILLS.
  • So, how do we struggle to walk through (possibly enjoy?) singleness with GRACE
  1.  ACCEPT THIS STAGE OF LONELINESS. Every human alive has dealt with this emotion. It can hurt, but it’s endurable by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was lonely, Paul was lonely, my widow friend is lonely. Perhaps the better word is “ALONENESS”.  It’s hard when it seems like others are seeing their dreams happen while you WAIT.  BUT, PERHAPS GOD IS HIDING YOUR DIAMONDS! I sit down & realize that JESUS is the only answer to my thirst and that He hears my prayers. Then, I actively trust.
  2.  REALIZE YOUR TRUE ETERNAL IDENTITY...You are not only a wife, girlfriend, “b.f.f.”, mother, CPA, CFO, or VIP. If you know Jesus Christ, you are a DAUGHTER of the KING. This is the ONLY identity that will STICK with you for the rest of eternity!   Everything else is transitory….every phase changes and all people change.  “JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever”. Even if the world or other people change,  God keeps His promises. You are His and truly only His…forever!
  3.  STAY IN THE WORD AND HANG WITH LIKE-MINDED WOMEN.. Really & truly, there ARE women who don’t just talk about men, clothes, and reality television!   ASK HIM & BELIEVE BOLDLY for faithful, pure, and godly gal pals and then,  revel in the glory of the PERFECTION OF CHRIST with your eyes calmly waiting for opportunities but locked into Kingdom priorities. If it is His will (“good, acceptable and perfect”) He will be the Eternal Delivery Man and you will see His plan for your life unfold. Trust Him now…HE is building you from the inside out.