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Is there MORE for you?

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is vision for the future. Call it dreaming, hoping, or planning-it’s that powerful sense that says,”There is more.” Joshua was a faithful visionary-acutely aware of his need for strength to fulfill his calling. The weight of his task heightened his dependence on God. Fall is here: What’s your vision for yourself, your family, your church, or your business? It will require actively facing forward, not dwelling on the past, & leaning into God’s strength. The God of history has a plan for your future. Photo Cred: @micmccreary Man with a vision: @benbfisher20
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Ken & Ann=TeamBuilders

I met this amazing couple as a new staff girl coming to serve w/ CRU at Texas A & M. Ken and Ann Cochrum poured time, love, guidance, truth & kindness into our team. Then, as now, their walk with Jesus & their loving marriage impacted many! Ken & Ann were the first couple I’d ever seen willing to leave life here to share the gospel with those who’d never, ever heard of Jesus! Those early years of ministry with Ken & Ann taught me how to build teams, disciple women, & endure in trials. They saw my weaknesses yet graciously gave me room to grow up! Brian knew & loved these great friends even before we got married. Now, 2 decades later, it’s always a huge blessing when we can see each other! So grateful for their example of loving Jesus well! (I still want to be Ann Cochrum when I grow up! ūüėČ) #WinBuildSend #2Timothy2:2 #kingdomfriends ‚ÄĒ with Brian G. Fisher, Ann Cochrum and Ken Cochrum.


THANKS, friends, who have shared (via e-mail) on your own study of HOSEA 10:12. If you’ve been receiving e-mail from me, you have received the following… The discovery of ¬†SUBSTANCE and CONVICTION of this text!

I shared with you about the discovery of that great web site Net Bible for 8 different translations of HOSEA 10:12. Finally, a listing from cross-references of this text and some random Hebrew definitions of some of the POWER WORDS like “SOW” and “REAP”, for example. If you haven’t received any of these, write me at tristief@juno.,com or and I will get them to you. It will really help your study!


I. “SOW WITH A VIEW TO RIGHTEOUSNESS” The Hebrew “sow” is “zara”-Lev.26:33, Jer. 31:10. The Hebrew for “righteousness “tseh-dek”” which can mean ethical conduct, integrity, upright, and true. Another view ¬†is”conforming to a standard” .
CONSIDER. I love the Proverb “Consider the field and receive instruction”. If I want to grow spiritually, what is this decision to sow “seeds with a view to righteousness” going to cost me? I need to realize the discipline of a well-watered garden (Is. 58) requires thought, preparation and work.

DIG. The value of dirt can be aesthetic. There is immense satisfaction to look at a well-dug garden with neatly planted rows. This is what the farmer or gardener wants. But, how messy must my hands get to grow in this way? It’s hard to stay bent over for hours digging out rocks and vines. My mind must be fixed on the RESULT of ¬†this task and see the pain as a worthy price to be paid!

II. “REAP IN ACCORDANCE WITH KINDNESS” A Hebrew rendition ¬†of “kalah” (Strong’s 3615) meaning “to finish” is comparable. Compare the Greek word ¬†“therizo”-“to gather in harvest” (Strong’s 2325) with this. Remember “God’s “kindness”? Translate it as “hesed”-the loyal love of GOD has for us can also be the unconditional seed we share with those around us!

REJOICE…As we reap, we gather with JOY. YAHWEH TSIDKENU-“GOD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS”- has seen fit to bless us with growth. My motivation is that His righteousness has brought about my righteousness!
GATHER...We have work to do! In the midst of reaping, we can become tired or LET THIS TOIL BUILD our endurance. If you know Christ, He fills you with His Spirit and you will “not grow weary of well-doing.” For the farmer or gardener, to LOOK AND SEE GROWTH is the reward!

III. “BREAK UP YOUR FALLOW GROUND” The Hebrew is “niyr” Strong’s 5124. Could there be any doubt what God is telling Israel (here called Ephraim, the Northern Kingdom)? Remember from our last blog, they are living in open rebellion of idol worship and God is trying to draw them back to his loyal love!

My friend, Holly, defines “breaking up fallow ground” as “to plow, harrow, and break up without seeding for the purpose of destroying weeds and insects. I also like Holly’s definition of “fallow” as “undeveloped but useful“! ¬†Ouch…that describes me pretty well.

***Have you ever felt that way? “OH LORD, you can’t use me! I’m involved in too much sin! ” Peter said the same thing to Jesus ,”Go away from me LORD, for I am a sinful man.” What was the Savior’s response? “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

The farmer or gardener has to make decisions. ¬†Do I wait on this ground and let it settle or do I need to dig out impurities? How do we wait? Actively or passively? My friend, Jeanne, calls this ” passive, yet active (aggressive?) waiting ¬†to know when the time is right.” HERE’S ¬†YOUR BOTTOM LINE: DO I NEED TO BURROW DEEP IN THE THINGS GOD IS ALREADY TEACHING ME OR REMOVE THINGS THAT HINDER MY GROWTH IN JESUS? MY ANSWER IS ¬†“YES.”

IV. “For it is time to SEEK the LORD until HE comes and rains RIGHTEOUSNESS on you.”


PURSUE AND TAKE ACTION! What do you want your HARVEST to look like next year? ¬†BOUNTIFUL -brimming with new fruit and fresh joy OR dodging the SAME rocks (sin?) as obstacles and trying to untangle the vines around your legs? (Heb. 12) Our goal is to grow…that’s what we were made for.

God is very clear that “if we draw near to Him , He WILL draw near to us”? (Jas. 4). If we spend solid time in His Word-asking Him for growth-He will give it in His timing. A CONFESSIONAL HEART AND A CONTRITE SPIRIT ARE HIS DELIGHT.

Don’t you love that last phrase “until HE comes and rains righteousness on you”? What a beautiful circle to me…the verse starts that way with US activating our faith and ends with HIM giving it!!

He saturates our spirits. His gifts have become ours. Let us sow in faith, reap in joy, break up the fallow ground of mediocrity, and seek Him while He may be found!

BLESSINGS as YOU enjoy the harvest of your faith!

Tristie Fisher, September 2015