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Lead Together

Can I tell u how much I love to lead with these girls?! @mrssarahdesousa & @tltoone & I have seen that every single time we are in this powerhouse book, God peels back another layer to see His Son afresh! It’s utterly impossible to miss this key point: Jesus is way more wonderful than we understand Him to be! Hebrews causes every person to look away from self & stare in wonder at this true King. Isn’t it funny that when we look only at our struggles, Jesus can seem far? Yet, when we saturate our minds with His biblical identity, our problems suddenly seem to be put in their proper place-below His greatness. Make this your verse this year: “And HE is the radiance of His glory & the exact representation of His nature & upholds all things by the word of His power. When He had made purification for our sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high” (Heb. 1:3) Don’t just read this today, ask yourself, “Do I really believe this?” Now, live as one smitten by His love for you! #hebrews #jesusisbetter #womensbiblestudy#wednesdaynights @gracebible

— with Sarah De Sousa and Traci Toone at Grace Bible Church.


The Book of Hebrews Bible Study!

I know-your life is getting crazy again. Overwhelmed yet? Step back, breathe & ask yourself,”What is MOST important for me right now?” Personally, I have to lock in on the unchanging person of Christ. His worth gives me perspective, strength, & purpose. STEP ONE IN LIFE IS ALWAYS JESUS. When we grow in Him, His love naturally impacts people. Join us as we jump into our 9 week disciple-making study into the centrality of Jesus! Studies will begin Sept.13! We can’t wait to see you!! Check our website at & sign up! #jesusisbetter #hebrews #bible @gracebible @carolynjones #discipleship

It’s Not About You

Nearly every other week, Revelation 1 is my fave thing to read to my kids. (This didn’t come from a lofty plan-in a moment of Mom exhaustion, I racked my brain trying to remember a text that was full of the identity of Christ! Now, it’s part of us.) It reads like a movie-full of color, drama, & power. This is Jesus in His splendor! He is identified, described & revealed. This could be the chapter that changes your life because it’s not about you-but about the One who invented life! (Thanks to my amazing daughter who drew this gorgeous pic!💕) #revelation #revelation1 #bible #jesuschrist