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How do you smile again?

This has been a full & just plain hard week. So many people suffering & exhaustion settling in for all. What to do? How do you find strength? How do you smile again? I think it’s two-fold: Hope in God & celebrate the people He’s given you. In the midst of the downpour, lean in to Him. When surrounded by chaos, hold your people close. Tragedies-personal & corporate -always refine us to remember what’s most important. Strangely, we can sense a new peace. Ironically, pain brings perspective. We remember what we were made for: God & people. #lovegod #lovepeople #hurricane#hurricaneharvey #tragedy #pain #perspective #truth



Found this from Masterpiece 2010. I needed to review!


Hello FRIENDS! I had a delightful weekend-worshiping with friends and having the JOY of teaching Colossians 1:15-22 and Colossians 3:12-17. It was an AMAZING conference called MASTERPIECE 2010″at Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX. with 600 gals, hosted by 2 godly women-Donna and Ashley!

The powerful music, beautiful lyrical dance, glorious art work, and inspiring coffeehouse added to the work God did. For many, a favorite part were the OPPORTUNITIES we have to contribute to the needs of the WORLD…India, Haiti, Uganda to name a few.Isn’t it overwhelming to SEE GOD change our focus from ourselves to others?

Many of you reading this blog are those very special women. I LOVED being with you & studying His Word together. If you are like me, you have looked over your notes, experienced “MASTERPIECE 2010”, and are coming down to this week’s schedule. Let’s POWER UP and remember what we know is TRUE….fact over feelings!

HERE is a 30 second “HOW TO WALK WITH GOD”!

1. READ THE BIBLE..pick a book that you can read over the next 30 days..maybe Philippians, Colossians, or (my fave Gospel) the Book of John. Grab some paper and write down your thoughts and points of action. Ask yourself…”What am I learning about Jesus here? What are the key words? What are the direct commands?” (This is that mini-observation lesson we talked about!) GET A PAL TO DO THIS WITH YOU! 🙂

2. PRAY. Remember prayer is just talking with God...get in a routine of talking with Him while you drive,work out, cook, clean, study, get ready to go on a date, etc. He is WAITING to hear you and wants to answer. Maybe get a group together to lift up each other’s personal needs!

3.FIND A that teach Jesus is who He says He is and the Bible is true..all of it. You will be blessed by the fellowship and friendships!

4.READ CHRISTIAN BIOGRAPHIES...I mentioned how MUCH these changed my life…my eyes were lifted to the world and how I could be a part of something way bigger than me! My personal faves are James Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Gladys Aylward and Adonirum Judson. Let them impact your FUTURE! (YWAM website is great!)

HOW’S THAT FOR A START? As we talked about last weekend, God knew you before time began and has a PLAN for you (Jer. 29:11). His plan includes rich blessing, fulfillment, and joy!

Love you, DEAR sisters!

Tristie Fisher