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More Audio Teachings: 4 Psalms, “How to Have Joy” & ” Women’s Dating Talk”

Happy Holidays!! Rushed? Stressed? Need encouragement? Here you go! Audio teaching time would refresh you! Here are the following talks uploaded here.

( Extra info?  Try or Then, go to “downloads”, then “sermons” , search “speakers”  and click “Tristie Fisher” and double click should bring it all up! If you’d rather, the 2 talks and Psalms series are on the right side of  this blog page, thanks to Gina and Gary!)

Get a cup of coffee and put your feet up and just BREATHE in the Word!

Talk#1 “Why do I Love the Psalms?’ (Overview)

Talk #2 “Here Comes the Sun!” (Psalm 19)

Talk #3 “A Fresh Look at the Shepherd and the Sheep” (Psalm 23)

Talk #4 “Your Spiritual Exfoliation and Rejuvenation” (Psalm 51)

Talk #5 “The Original Baby Announcement Psalm” (Psalm 139)

Talk #6 “How to Have Joy”

Talk #7 “The Women’s Dating Talk”


Hey there THIRSTY SOULS! I pray you are enjoying EXPERIENCING (not just reading) the NAMES OF CHRIST with your group or on your own! I want to change and LEARN these names of the most powerful Being in the Universe who lived like a carpenter and loved like a shepherd.

  • You are SMACK DAB in the middle of “Living Water for a Thirsty Soul”…way to go!! Last time I really looked , the study had made it around the world and hundreds have either read the study or are using it in their small group! NOW, that’s the COMMUNITY OF CHRIST! We will study the Seven Miracles next and then write out an application from what we have learned.
  • TODAY, I have only ONE thing for you….relax, listen, and be renewed. Our good pal, Gary put my June 16 LIVE Teaching Time of the Book of John:”Living Water for a Thirsty Soul” up on my Facebook page.  (Click here to listen)  It’s 20 minutes to RAMP UP your weekend with live teaching. If that doesn’t work for you, we’ve posted it on the Grace Bible website w/ notes!  (Don’t forget to visit our Living Water Facebook page and make it a favorite!)

I love you and count it an honor to walk with you!