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Jesus Wants To Give You This

Ya’ll-every time I look at this pic, tears fill my eyes! These 3 beauties (insert pic of Lori Sorrel & Jeni Dillingham!) were a powerhouse discipleship group of college women who deeply desired to handle God’s word, grow (without reservation!) in Christ, disciple other women & leave a huge eternal impact. 2 Timothy 2:2 (“these things which u have heard in presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”) was always our gang’s (from 1993-2016!) bedrock verse. Can I tell u a secret? Discipleship always starts out mentor & students. There are years of pouring out your very life-sharing what God has taught you, interceding in prayer over “your girls” & seeing the initial vision of how God wants to use them. You love first. But, THEN, years later your “girls” become your closest life friends-they cover you with love, faithfulness, & wisdom. They are the women I turn to for prayer, mercy, & courage. I respect their marriages & appreciate how they love their kids. They know my weaknesses, they know my pain, & they know my heart. We’ve been forever knit together-my girls are my sisters. Now, I look to them & follow their lead as they impact this generation! Now, these are my verses for themI Thessalonians 2:19-20 “For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation? Is it not even you, in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming? For you are our joy and crown.” Thank u for teaching me how @sandi.ireland and Pam Hurt!! THIS PIC REPRESENTS YOUR INVESTMENT! #2Timothy2:2 #DiscipleshipGroupForLife #GodwantstogivethistoU — with Stacey Tuttle, Sarah Bouldin, Paige Gerdes Smith and 33 others at Grace Bible Church.

Easy Observation Tips

used-car-salesmanOBSERVATION IS A SKILL.

Studying God’s Word deeply is primarily….to SEEING what is there. I promise if you take one verse or ten and write down things you SEE…you will be changed. All of the sudden, the WORD is not just about YOU, but GOD!

I loved teaching a series on selected Psalms. (check it out here). Even now, I share these tips in almost every talk because someone taught me!  (2 Tim. 2:2) This changed the way I read the Bible–and consequently, my love for the Word! For fear of sounding too much like a car salesman, I share with you (I have funny friends!)…


  1. How many verses are there in the text?
  2. How many times is God mentioned in this text?
  3. How many times in Jesus mentioned in this text?
  4. Who are the chief characters?
  5. What are the key words?
  6. What are the direct commands?
  • *For additional challenge:
  • Where have I seen this same thing ( This is what I call a “Timeless Principle” in the Old Testament! For example, some promises are exclusively for ISRAEL, but where on the New Testament do I see a parallelism? GREAT EXAMPLE- The Great Commandment in DEUTERONOMY and then Jesus repeats this in all Gospels!)
  • What are the verbs in this text?
  • Where is the author writing from?
  • What kind of book is this I am reading? For example, is this a “Prison Epistle” (like Philippians or Colossians) or a “Gospel” like Mark or John?
  • Enjoy digging the gems of blessing out of God’s Word!

I’m so excited for you to see the only written word on paper become what God intends it to be in your life-ALIVE! 



Living Water for the Thirsty Soul

Concentric Circles Forming In Still Water


AUTHOR’S NOTE: HERE IT IS FOR OUR NEW “LIVING WATER FOR A THIRSTY SOUL” FRIENDS! Weeks ago, you received some background on the book. Here’s the study to print out. Just scroll down and click “here” (OPEN LINK), print it out, and enjoy learning more about Jesus!

Do you need refreshment, substance, freedom, and life-change? Then, this study about the Book of John is for you! If you’re like me, I need time in the Word with the LIVING WATER, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, to be refreshed!

  • REFRESHMENTThis book is full of living water and living God. Whether it’s the 7 “I Am” NAMES OF JESUS, 7 signs of His power, or understanding YOUR identity….every word of it is water to a thirsty soul. Do you need this?
  • SUBSTANCEFor me, this study covers the most powerful Gospel written. In every chapter, there is fresh knowledge-gems of truth that GOD wants to give you! The study is structured with solid questions reflecting on your observations of the text. As you meditate on the words of Christ, you will be changed.
  • FREEDOMI wrote this study with many audiences in mind. I wanted you to be able to complete as much or as little…according to your “STAGE OF LIFE”. Some of us are retired, college students, traveling gals, or new mothers. SET YOUR PACE AND DO IT YOUR WAY! Whether you complete all the questions or read through the book a few times, this study  WILL be a blessing you because His Words LIVE and meet your deepest THIRST!
  • LIFE-CHANGE ...There is absolutely no way to read of Christ as “The GOOD Shepherd” or you as “HIS OWN” and not be changed. Even reading through the chapters, my heart is quickened, my thirst satisfied, and my hunger abated. MY NEEDS CAN BE MET. My prayer for you is that you would sense the FULLNESS, too!

JOIN the many women & men in “cyperspace” who are involved in this study! The Book of John, written by the Beloved Disciple is one to know for a lifetime. In addition, this blog  has written commentaries and information for your study to help you with this book!

Click here to experience “LIVING WATER FOR THE THIRSTY SOUL”!


Tristie Fisher