Tabernacle & Immanuel-God wants to be WITH you!

This is my book of the summer!! At the Grace Women’s Event, we talked about the principle of “Tabernacle” (Old Testament) and the principle of “Immanuel” (New Testament) . Throughout all the covenants, we learned one huge thing: God WANTS to be with His people! You’ll remember we talked about the fact that we do not have the ability to desire God’s presence on our own. God wanted unending connection with His created because He loves them. Yet, the barrier of sin remained . What could God do ? The only thing to solve the problem? He sent Himself! In nearly every book of the Bible, we see God’s heart to be WITH His people. (Revelation 21:3 wraps up the entire Bible with this !! Wow!) What a gift of God to synchronize the thoughts here and this book dropping in my lap ! This is a must read because it gives you that sense of freedom (can’t strive enough ) and the overwhelming love and glory of Jesus! I promise you will love God more after reading this! #WithbySkyeJethani #Ezekiel37:27 — at Grace Bible Church.13876692_10154365066504817_6072623711195795220_n

Does God really just love perfect people?

All of us naturally think that if we obey God THEN He loves us. We picture Him as a giant in the sky who turns his love switch and off. Why do we do this ? How many of us believe down deep that God only truly loves perfect people? As believers, we want to walk with Him and please Him, of course, but pleasing and loving are 2 different concepts. We please Him in obedience but His love is not dependent on us. His love is constant-despite our daily sins and even in the midst of our chronic sin patterns. God’s LOVE never ever changes. How does our day change if we think on this, immerse ourselves in this, and believe this ? Right now, He loves us & wants to overwhelm us with His unwavering & seemingly unreasonable love! Just say ,”Thank you”.13903384_10154374717494817_6461781836628993831_n

God Said This About You!

We typically view this Scripture in regards to baby announcements. I love that and yet, I wonder -could we make even more of this glorious text? What would happen if we believed this as children and adults? We have been created by the most artistic force in the universe!David penned this in the most interesting order -PRAISE FIRST. He calls us to praise God “because”. Our flesh says ,”God, we will only praise you IF”. With His help, we can see His handiwork & respond in gratitude . How is my day different if I BELIEVE this? How is your day different if BELIEVE this? I have a suspicion that we would all live in unparalleled freedom & gratitude.
(Pic courtesy of KOR Education School 🙂10609635_10153986212909817_2905561713411214408_n